Budget Friendly Meals:


Corrales 2Corrales

Come in for breakfast, lunch, or dinner and you will not be disappointed. With patio-style seating, you can relax in the sun and enjoy your meal. Or you can take out and enjoy your meal at a nearby scenic spot. Corrales offers genuine Mexican food that will have you coming back for more, especially when you see how well priced they are.

Beach House Tacos

beach house tacos 2

Located on the Ventura Pier, Beach House Tacos is the perfect place to have lunch while spending time at the beach. Come watch the waves, surfers, and beautiful sunsets while enjoying your meal. The location is not the only thing that makes this place though. With delicious salads, a great drink selection, and a variety of sides, it is the tacos that keep people coming back. This covered outside patio seating establishment is the perfect place for a meal that is refreshing, relaxing, and delicious.

Habit 2The Habit

Established in 1969, The Habit has been delivering incredible burgers to the southern California area ever since. The burger grill has fast-food pricing with five star ingredients and taste. The Habit offers a selection of not only burgers, but grilled sandwiches, fresh salads, sides, and ice cream or shakes. The quality at The Habit will also shock you with its pricing.

Jimmy’s Slice

Jimmy Slice

Jimmy’s Slice has a time-honored recipe with a famous thin crust. The sauce is light with just the right herbs and spices. With noadditives or preservatives, they start every day with the freshest and finest vegetables and meats, and also have a gluten free option. This delicious food stop is well-priced and also open late. Jimmy’s Slice is a tremendous place for anyone day or night.


Nature's Grill FoodNatures Grill-

Nature’s Grill is a natural restaurant with an array of burgers, salads, burritos, and more. Vegetarians and meat-lovers alike will indulge in Nature’s natural delights. Nature’s Grill also offers daily meals and soup specials that are made with fresh Farmers’ Market goods. With both inside and patio seating this is a great place to catch a meal

Taqueria Vallarta-

TaqueriaVallarta 2

Taqueria Vallarta is a hole in the wall.  The food at the Taqueria is as authentic as it gets. This restaurant uses an order at thecounter style service. They will then bring the food out to you. The employees at Taqueria Vallarta are very personable and friendly. It’s the delicious food that is the biggest reason that this place is so great. You are given the choices of so many different entrées and so many different sides for a very reasonable price. Come try authentic Mexican food at its finest.

What to do?:

century Downtown TheatreDowntown Century 10 Theatre- Before 5 p.m.

The Century Downtown theatre is located in the heart of downtown Ventura. This movie theatre has an arcade that offers extra fun. This theatre also offers many of the newest movies in 3D. You can come in to the 1st showing of the day for $6.25 or $7.75 if you come in before 5 p.m. The theatre also offers $6 showings all day on Tuesdays. Have fun at the Downtown theatre with the whole family.

Museum of Ventura County

Museum of Ventura County

The Museum of Ventura County celebrates, preserves and interprets the art, history and culture of Ventura County, the CaliforniaChannel Islands and the surrounding region through its collections, exhibitions, events, educational programs, publications and its research library, and serves as a gathering place for the community. The Museum is $5 or less for everyone. Plus they offer free admission on the 1st Sunday of every month.


Ventura Pier

Ventura PierThe Pier in Ventura has a lot to offer. Not only does it offer beautiful views of the Channel Islands, but you also get a feel for the Culture of Ventura. You can just come take in the atmosphere, or many people come to fish. There are many benches that give you the chance to to relax and socialize with the locals. The Ventura Pier is the perfect place to come and spend your time effectively without spending money.

Buenaventura Botanical Gardens

Botanical GardensTheBuenaventura Botanical Gardens has hiking trails that allow you to capture Ventura’s environment at its best. The weather in Ventura gives you the chance to hike these trails year round. The views from every trial give you the chance to see the ocean, the Channel Islands, and a breathtaking view of Ventura’s Downtown area.  The trails at the Botanical Gardens are easy to follow, and should be an obligation for anyone visiting Downtown Ventura. If you want to have an incredible experience in Ventura without spending any money, then the Botanical Gardens is a must.

Shop and Save:

Times Remembered StoreTimes Remembered Antiques & Collectibles

Times Remembered Antiques & Collectibles is the largest Antique & Collectibles store in Downtown Ventura. Their unique items and priceless deals bring you a variety of fun. Come browse the aisles filled with old toys, pottery, glassware, furniture, advertising, books, record albums and much more.

Buffalo Exchange

Buffalo Exchange

Buffalo Exchange aims to be the leader of the resale fashion industry. They strive to be the most beneficial place for itscustomers to buy, sell and trade new and recycled clothing, The clothing from Buffalo Exchange is great quality. Not only can you get great quality of new and used clothing, but the clothing at Buffalo Exchange is also very stylish. Stop in and find yourself an outfit on a budget today.


Our Famous Thrift Stores:

All of the thrift shops listed below are unhidden gems. People from all walks of life are known for visiting Ventura’s thrifts shops because they offer so much variety. From antiques to items never used, Ventura’s thrift shops have something for everyone.

  •       Arc Foundation Thrift Store
  •       Treasure Chest
  •       C.A.A.N. Thrift Store (Child Abuse and Neglect)
  •       C.A.H.V. Thrift Store (Coalition Against Household Violence)
  •  Thrift ShopThift Store


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