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Downtown Ventura Staff

Call or text with any questions/concerns about Downtown.
Downtown Ventura Partners Office: (805) 620-7023
Cell Phones (Anytime)
Kevin Clerici: (805) 302-1660
Steve Caramihai (805) 258-1902

Emergency Contact Numbers

Emergency: 911
VPD Non-Emergency: (805) 650-8010
Ventura County Fire: (805) 389-9710

DVP’s Business Concierge

DVP Staff, working with Ventura’s Economic Development Division, is here to help you.

Be it navigating City Hall, introducing you to other stakeholders, or offering assistance in growing your business and understanding the community, DVP serves as your business concierge.

How can we help? Get in touch today: | (805) 302-1660

Park Ambassadors

If someone is making you feel uncomfortable, if you see something that doesn’t seem right, if you need support, or if you have a question about Downtown, call the Ambassador Team! They will help and connect you with the right solution to your issue.

DVP’s Park Safety Ambassadors are here to serve you 7 days a week from 8am to as late as 9:15pm. We encourage you to start a text thread with all numbers, plus Steve (contact info below) and Kevin (contact info above). That way we can mobilize to assist you ASAP.

Ambassador 1: (805) 201-8958
Ambassador 2: (805) 204-1401
Ambassador 3: (805) 825-8958
Ambassador 4: (805) 396-4872
Ambassador 5: (805) 539-9528
Ambassador 6: (805) 263-2278

Ambassador Managers

Call when you need clean & safe assistance or have questions.
Steve Caramihai: (805) 258-1902
Saturday & Sunday
J Vasquez: (805) 263-2278

Keeping Downtown Safe & Clean

Send us a “Snapshot” — this is an easy and quick way to help our Street Team keep Downtown clean and safe. If you have something to report, take a photo and text it to (805) 258-1902. It’s fast, it’s free and it will get results.

See graffiti on a wall? Paint splatter on the sidewalk? Debris in the street? Send a Snapshot! Remember, our service area is limited to the core of Downtown Ventura. You’ll receive a text reply and before-and-after photos to show progress.

Downtown Ventura Contact Numbers

Always feel free to call or email Kevin with questions, but if you want to go straight to the source, see the numbers below.

  • Graffiti Hotline | (805) 654-7805 — for graffiti on any surface throughout town
  • Debris Hotline | (805) 677-3900 — for any debris that needs picked up throughout town
  • Parks & Street Trees | (805) 652-4550 — for any trees that need maintenance or attention
  • Pay Station Support | (818) 588-7202 — for trouble using a pay station to pay for parking downtown
  • Pothole Hotline | (805) 652-4590 — to notify the town of any potholes that need to be addressed
  • Southern California Edison | (800) 611-1911 — for street lighting and electricity-related issues
  • Southern California Gas | (800) 427-2200 — for natural gas-related concerns
  • Shopping Cart Retrieval | (800) 252-4613 — for shopping carts off premises
  • Sign Ordinance | (805) 654-7725 — for violations of downtown sign ordinance
  • Unsafe Housing, Health & Safety Code Violations (Anonymous) | (805) 658-4711 — for anything that appears to be unsafe or unhealthy regarding housing
  • Visit Ventura | (805) 648-2075
  • Ventura Chamber | (805) 676-7500
  • Special Events | (805) 654-7749
  • Ventura Water | (805) 667-6500
  • City Council |

Family Reconnection Program

To learn more about Downtown Ventura’s Family Reconnection program, which provides free transportation to eligible, needy individuals who are looking for a way to reconnect with a family member or another support group, please click here.