We live, we visit, we engage – “We are Ventura” – Video Project

We have set up a YouTube channel as a way to collect all of your perspectives. We will then aggregate and mold them into the cohesive story of Ventura. If your footage makes it into the final cut of the video, you’ll be credited as a co-director/cinematographer.

What we want you to do is just grab a camera and film what is going on around you. If there is something extraordinary going on, like a hike to capture views of the Channel Islands, swimming with dolphins, surfing a perfect wave or a time lapse video of your favorite spot in Ventura, great, but if not, just film the ordinary, a sunrise, a neighborhood, a favorite restaurant, people who represent Ventura to you, a day in your life, the ordinary can be wonderful in its own right.

Want to take part?

Here’s what to do

1. Visit the “We Are Ventura” YouTube channel and learn more about the project, and see the most recent highlighted videos.

Be sure to read through the steps you need to take to participate and the guidelines for creating your video(s)

2. Capture your footage.

3. Upload your footage to your personal YouTube channel. If you don’t have one already, create a new account at YouTube (it’s quick and free). Once you’ve uploaded your video, email us a link to the video at weareventura@ventura-usa.com or weareventura@downtownventura.org by February 5th, 2014. We will add the videos to our YouTube channel as they come in, highlighting the most recent videos on our YouTube channel. Regardless of whether your footage makes it into the final film, your video(s) will live on our “We Are Ventura” channel for friends, family, travelers and future generations.

4) Tag your videos with information on the locations included in the video, along with any words you feel describe the video (e.g. people, beach, sign, etc.).

Guidelines for creating your video(s)

Please address one of the following questions (multiple submission accepted)

~What do you love the most about Ventura/Downtown Ventura?

~What are your favorite spots in Ventura/ Downtown Ventura?

~What’s your favorite time of day?

~What makes you smile?

Stick to a few rules:

1. Capture your footage and sound in as high quality a format as possible. We will accept footage shot on any device, including mobile phones, and please know higher resolution footage will translate better. If shooting on a handheld camera, try to hold your camera steady.

2. Sound is not a requirement. If you are capturing sound, try to get as good of sound quality as you can. Try not to have any music in the background while recording sound: music in the background is difficult, if not impossible, to cut around.

3. We are a non-profit, which means we don’t have a Hollywood budget for unlimited editors. Please try to edit your video down to 10 minutes.

4. All submissions become the sole property of The Ventura Visitors and Convention Bureau and Downtown Ventura and may be used in any manner, commercial or otherwise, in any and all media and/or technologies now known or hereafter devised throughout the universe in perpetuity.

5. The Ventura and Downtown Ventura brand logo are trademarks of Ventura and Downtown Ventura and may not be used in the following ways:

  • Combining any part of the Ventura or Downtown Ventura brand with your name, marks, designs or generic terms.
  • Use trademarks, names, domain names, usernames, logos or other content that imitate or could be confused with Ventura and Downtown Ventura.
  • Copy the Ventura and Downtown Ventura look and feel.
  • Assert rights over the Ventura and Downtown Ventura trademarks whether by trademark registration, domain name registration, username or anything else.
  • Feature Ventura and Downtown Ventura logos on materials associated with pornography or illegal activities.
  • Modify the Ventura and Downtown Ventura brand assets in any way, such as by changing the design or color.