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Seaside Highland Games

Ventura Fairgrounds 10 W Harbor Blvd, Ventura, CA

Come to Seaside and see it all! October 8th and 9th on the Ventura County Fairgrounds! Southern California's Seaside Highland Games is the premier Scottish festival on the Pacific Coast and will launch its 18th outing on October 8 & 9, 2022. Staged on the Ventura County Fairgrounds in coastal Ventura, California, the venue is … Continued

Seaside Oddities Expo

Ventura Fairgrounds 10 W Harbor Blvd, Ventura, CA

Shop the odd, the strange and the unusual at the 1st Seaside Oddities Expo this October 15th at the Ventura Fairgrounds! There will be rare and eccentric antique pieces - from circus sideshow props, to shocking natural wonders, to oddball items dabbling in the occult, including but not limited to dark artists and photographers, taxidermy, … Continued