Steps to take After a Milwaukee Car Accident

After a car accident, it can be difficult to consider what should be done if not prepared before a crash happens. Fortunately, tj ryan’s Car Accident Attorney Orange County is always available to help people. Taking the right steps can avoid problems later and can help if the accident was not the driver’s fault or only partially at fault. Some of the steps taken should be common sense, while other steps may not be thought of at the time. 

The First Steps 

The first step to take after a Milwaukee car accident lawyer, according to Wisconsin law, is that the driver should stop near or at the scene immediately following the crash or collision. The law does allow the driver to move the vehicle if possible to avoid blocking traffic only as far as necessary. Then 911 should be called to report the accident to police and if necessary ambulances. If you believe you have been injured in an accident seek medical attention immediately. Not every injury is apparent right after an accident, in some cases it can take hours or days for the extent of the injuries to appear. By the way at, their Truck Accident lawyer Savannah, GA are always quick in responding to the client’s needs. If their service interests you, reach their staff at 912-244-7438.


Exchange information with other drivers involved in the collision if the accident is not a solo vehicle crash. The information exchanged should include:

• Name and address
• Driver’s license information
• Vehicle registration number
• Insurance information 

The driver can also copy the other driver’s license plate number and use a cell phone to take pictures of all vehicles involved, ensuring to get pictures of all damages caused during the collision. The information obtained should include any passengers present in the vehicle. This can be useful later in a settlement for damages. 

Why These First Steps are important

The police officer arriving at the scene of the accident will write a report and in Wisconsin, if the officer has not written a report within 10 days of the crash the drivers involved must then file a Drivers Report of Accident to the Department of Transportation. The report of the accident just like the requirement to stop at the scene and exchange information can be essential if there were damages and injuries. These things are not only required by law but they can also help build a case to be heard in civil court to recover damages for vehicle damage and physical harm. This is a claim for money damages. 
What Not to Say

There is one caution that should be used when talking to the police or filing an accident report to the Department of Transportation. This is not to admit fault since it can affect the recovery of damages in civil court. The percentage of fault will be determined by the report, pictures and other evidence including witness statements. Answer the questions but do not offer opinions about the collision, let this be determined by the evidence and court at a later time. The thing to remember is after an accident the people involved are often not thinking correctly because of the shock of the collision. 

Partial fault 

In collisions that the driver harmed is partially at fault for the collision they still will be able to obtain damages. However, their percentage of fault will be determined, and this percentage will be deducted from the amount of damages they receive. The claim is worth pursuing to help cover damages such as medical expenses and other costs. If you ever get injured during an accident and start experiencing horrible back pain, then make sure to you should really consider getting Radiofrequency Nerve Ablation for your back and get rid of the pain.