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Places to Visit, Rent & Play.


Visit & Play

Museum of Ventura County  100 East Main Street. 805-653-0323.

Mission San Buenaventura 211 East Main Street. 805-643-4318.

Ventura Botanical Gardens Trail Welcome Center located above City Hall, 501 Poli Street. 805-232-3113.


Wheel Fun Rentals 450 East Harbor Boulevard, 850 West Harbor Boulevard. 805-765-5795.

Ventura Bike Depot 239 West Main Street.  805-652-1114. 

Ventura Surf Shop 88 East Main Street. 805-643-1062.

Rip Curl Surf Center 227 South California Street. 805-648-6145.


Gateway to the Channel Islands

Island Packers (Ferry service to the Islands) 1691 Spinnaker Drive #105B. 805-642-1393.