Help out the Family Reconnection Fundraiser, hosted by Fox Fine Jewelry at their new location!

DVP is partnering with the open house of Fox Fine Jewelry in June to highlight their new space and our Family Reconnection Program. There will be a prize wheel at the open house that will cost a few dollars to spin, with all prizes being Downtown goods with all proceeds going to the Family Reconnection Program. There are 18 wheel slots and we need 20 prizes per slot. A big thanks to Bombay’s, Naturally Wild Soaps, Red Brick Gallery, Ventura Axxess, and We Olive for their donations. Only 13 more to go. Please email Meredith if you are interested. The prizes can be coupons, small gifts, really anything you desire that is worth a paid spin. 

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We are also looking for food donations for the party. This is a high clientele party and the exposure to your business will be great. 

If you aren’t aware of DVP’s Family Reconnection Program, please read the small blurb below.

The Downtown Ventura Partners’ Family Reconnection Program provides free transportation to eligible, needy individuals who, for whatever reason, end up vulnerable on Ventura’s streets and are seeking a way to reconnect with a family member or support group. Additionally, if there’s a need for plumbing parramatta services, Silverwater Plumbing is ready to help you with everything from broken pipes to complete drain cleanings. Call them today to schedule an appointment with their team at (02) 9099 5759. All clients work directly with a Homeless-2-Home case worker to ensure their eligibility, and more importantly, to ensure each client is placed in an environment best suited for his or her personal success. Strict documentation is required for all clients before any transportation is purchased, and the Ventura Police Department assists in the screening process to rule out any outstanding warrants or unresolved legal issues. Since its inception in 2012, the program has assisted more than 30 individuals. The program has a 100% success rate with clients reaching their intended destination. For other advertisements, checkout