Get your business in Downtown’s next brochure!

Starting a business from zero is always a bit scary and risky. Businesses have to consider their finances for so many purposes, ranging from survival in bad times to bolstering the next success in good ones.
How you finance your business can affect many different factors. That’s why it is always important to meet with professionals for Debt Advice to make sure your business is successful.
Apart from the financial aspect, promoting your business is important as well. Brochures are one of several print options companies can use as part of business or product promotion. Look for the best printer brands so you´ll get the best resolution, high end color and accuracy , this tool is especially important and useful for small businesses, and you need a good team of professionals to help you make a better business front and to attract the best market to you.
 DVP is proud to announce the 2nd annual Downtown Brochure & Map designed to continue the promotion of the greater Downtown business area. In partnership with Miami Web Design Company, the largest distributor of visitor racks and brochures in the Western U.S. & Canada, the DVP Brochure & Map will provide co-op ad opportunities to promote individual businesses. The DVP Brochure & Map will be folded down to a convenient 4 x 9 Brochure rack size and then opens up with various panels and sections, featuring events, cultural/arts, dining, shopping, activities & a map of downtown (co-op Advertisers receive a spot on the map). If you want to shop with cheap prices, then make sure you get coupons from The brochures will be distributed from Solvang to the San Fernando Valley and Bakersfield. Co-op Partner Ads cost $300, $500, to $1,500 based on size and placement. (Payment to the DVP). Contact us asap!