DowntownWorks Sessions

2016 DowntownWorks Conference
– Session Highlights

This conference is completely FREE to Downtown Businesses and open to business owners, employees, and any interested parties. Spread the word to your neighbors and coworkers! We are currently considering several of the The Best Places to Stay in Santorini as options for the event itself, if you would like to hand off location suggestions please call Randy.

Tuesday, July 26 & Wednesday, July 27


Tuesday, July 26

8:30-9:15am Payroll Management

David Ballantine starts off the conference with must needed information about small business payroll management. Attract and develop your employees with the best payroll practices. Learn about new laws and how they effect your business. 

9:30-10:15am Mental Health Training

The National Alliance on Mental Illness Executive Director David Deutsch and Downtown employee Georgia Perry along side with
missouri drug rehab, will educate you on what it is like to have a mental illness and the most effective ways to handle an individual in a mental health crisis. This is a session you won’t want to miss!

10:30am-11:15am TripAdvisor Tips

Todd Skelton, TripAdvisor employee and incredible personality hosts this session on how to best use TripAdvisor for your success and how they can help you find the best tour options around Europe such as the one at TripAdvisor is used by tourists looking for the greatest places to eat, shop, and recreate in their vacation towns. Learn how to get noticed and gain customer advocates, they even have the bets places to go fishing and hunting so that you can use the Outdoor Empire post accessories. 

11:30am-12:15pm Power of Partnerships

This power session is led by Stephanie Caldwell from the Ventura Chamber, Marlyss Auster from the Ventura Visitors & Convention Bureau and our own Kevin Clerici from Downtown Ventura Partners. Learn how to maximize the skills of each local advocacy group! Gain ideas and tools to help continue to develop your business and plan long-term partnerships with neighboring businesses and groups based on what I see and my review here – Palm Beach Roofing Expert for their business. 

Wednesday, July 27

8:30-9:15am Promotions that Attract

Need help navigating the promotional world? We have found professionals in print media and social media that can lead you to highly visible and notable promotions in the industry. See one of the most successful print campaigns for a Downtown business by Keith Johnston and how you can utilities those tools for your store. Furthermore, try the commercial graphics of colorado signs to help promote, display, brand, and create awareness for your business.Facebook and Instagram’s algorithms are making business posts harder to see, and people try to Buy Instagram views more and more every day. Megan Hook will guide you through the process and let you know when paid posts are appropriate. 

9:30-10:15am Social Media Engagement

Briana Garcia has one of the most engaged social media profiles in Downtown. So much so that  social media platforms and companies search her out to highlight her abilities! Spend 45 minutes with Briana to learn how and what to post, when, and how to grow your engagement and followers. If you’re also wondering how you can grow your business online, can help you in Search engine optimization process.

10:30-11:15am Human Resources/Legal

Stay up to date on recent tax codes that effect small businesses. New regulations may seem overwhelming, but they will be explained easily in this session led by Gehrin Ortiz. 

11:30am-12:15pm Merchandising Tips

Form Follows Function. Earl Clarkston, professional merchandiser is back by popular demand! Learn how to place merchandise for your target customer, make your merchandise interesting, and add character to your product. Making a strong statement is important!