Downtown Ventura Partners Board Elections

 2015 is upon us, promising big things, including your opportunity to get involved with the DVP Board of Directors. As you know, the improvement district was recently renewed for 5 years, though 2019.
This property owners’ association will continue to be governed by an 11-person board. Seven board members must be real property owners in the district, and three business owners (including nonprofit organizations). One director is appointed by the City Council. This year, we have three board positions up for election, two for property owners and one for a business owner. Each term lasts three years.
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We are seeking input for potential candidates, including self-nominations, to be placed on the Election ballot. Board members oversee all finances, work plans and must attend the monthly board meeting, and are encouraged to attend one committee meeting. If there’s a shortage in the field of finances, look for loanovao to get more information about the type of loans to avail to overcome the problem. If for instance, there’s an issue regarding bankruptcy , look for conner & roberts for their law firm services.
If you wish to run for election to the Board of Directors or if you would like to nominate someone, please respond in writing either by mail or e-mail by 5 pm on Feb. 13, 2015. Email to You can also email with questions.
Please include the following with your nomination or self-nomination:
1. State whether you are a property owner or a business owner;
2. List the name and address of the property or business you own – or the property or business your nominee owns;
3. Provide a short bio about your recent downtown activities or possible service on nonprofit boards – or a short bio and description about your nominee; and
4. Explain why you or your nominee should serve in this capacity.