Resources for our community

Photos: Paige Kelly / @paigeykk

Did you know: Downtown Ventura Partners — the voice behind this account here — is a PBID or Property-Based Business Improvement District. We are a non-profit organization. We do not govern the City, or any part of it. We do not control the beaches or health guidelines. Instead, it is our job to work on behalf of the property owners, merchants, businesses, workers, visitors and residents to keep Downtown as clean and safe and economically viable (and fun) as possible. We take cultivating a fun and vibrant Downtown very seriously. Lately, that’s been a bigger challenge than ever, as we find ourselves in the midst of crises: a health pandemic, an economic crisis, and social unrest. And while it may not be our position to speak out on social issues on behalf of every single Downtown Ventura business we represent, it feels wrong to not say anything at all.

Racism is not welcome here.

Hatred, of any kind, is not welcome here. 

Human rights are valued here. 

Downtown Ventura may exist in old buildings and be surrounded by historical landmarks, but our community – our business owners, residents, visitors – have never shied away from progression. For years, Downtown Ventura has hosted Ventura County Pride Festivals, Women’s Day Festivals, the March for Justice, and more. This past weekend, Downtown again welcomed the community to speak out, this time to honor the life of George Floyd and peacefully protest against race-based violence. We are grateful for their voices, and proud to welcome them. 

We hope you’ll join us in continuing to keep Downtown Ventura a safe, enjoyable place for all. We want everyone to feel welcome here.