Tiki Girl

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Tiki Girl was the fortunate mishap of a Ventura, CA born gal looking to make a living out of everything she had ever learned and had ever loved doing in her entire life! The story of how Tiki Girl was concocted is a long one, but I’m willing to share the recipe 😉
You will need (substitutions can be made per your tastes):
-One part creative, constantly inspired, hard working female with a love for inspired travels, fashion, writing, photography and making other’s happy.
-Equal parts dreams of glamour, success and a life of whimsy.
-Mix all ingredients together with a heaping dose of life lessons learned in the NYC fashion photography industry, then add an insatiable desire for knowledge and top off with an affinity for taking risks.
-Bake on high for the better part of your 20’s and…voila! That’s how you make a Tiki Girl!
But really, the most important thing to know is that every product at Tiki Girl has been selected for YOU with these questions in mind:
1. Is it cute?
2. Is it of good quality?
3. Is it trending yet wearable for more than one season?
4. Is it a great price?
5. Would Lady Gaga wear it? (just kidding!)
That being said, I want to make sure you are happy as a clam at high tide with your purchases and your service. Please let us know how we can help you!