” Think Local” are weekly posts about businesses in Downtown Ventura.

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If you are interested in submitting your business for a “Think Local” post, please provide the information requested below:

  1. A simple description of your business and your story, i.e. who you are, and what is unique about your business. For example, you could give us information in these kinds of areas:
    A. Who are you?
    B. What inspired you to start your business in Downtown Ventura?
    C. What is unique about your business?
    D. Anything interesting or different about you or your business?
    E. Do you have locally made items?
    F. Do you support a specific local cause?
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    A. Establishing image – the outside of your business so people can identify you and where you are located.
    B. Two overview shots of the interior of your business. If you have a beautiful wall, or bar, please highlight this in the images.
    C. Two shots of unique gifts, or food, or whatever is unique about what you have to offer, sell, or make.

Please email this information to: rebecca@downtownventura.org

 Example  “Think Local” submissions and posts:

You can put more info on Instagram, much less on Facebook (at most 3 sentences) and even less on Twitter (140 characters.) This is why your photos and imagery are critical; they can tell the story visually of your store and what is unique about you.

 Iron and Resin


Instagram:  @ironandresin

“Iron and Resin aims to build a community of surfers, motorcyclists, and artisans unique to our region and based on the wondrous natural gifts in the 805. With Iron and Resin being from Ventura, we’re heavily vested in supporting Ventura…a lot of what exists in Ventura cannot be found anywhere else in Southern California anymore.”

P.S. Summer 2015 Iron & Resin is partnering with legendary filmmaker, Bruce Brown, to create a limited collection of apparel and accessories inspired by Brown’s seminal films documenting the golden age of surfing and motorcycles from the ‘50s through the early ‘70s.

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