Ventura has so many things to offer, it is often difficult to describe all of the many virtues we have here. Writers from around the world have spoken of our town’s virtues for years…

“Ventura would never be described as ‘tragically hip’. There are no budding starlets, no paparazzi, no designer stores nor celebrity chefs. That’s what’s so great about it. A decade or so ago, Ventura was a somewhat sleepy, slightly gritty beach town. Old brick buildings housed second-hand shops; teen Goths wandered the streets and a tired Holiday Inn overlooked the deserted beach.

What a difference a few years make. Those picturesque historic buildings have become cool boutiques, superb restaurants, wine bars and trendy bistros. The Goths grew up and moved on. The Holiday Inn was renovated and spiffed up, and now waves an upscale Crowne Plaza flag.

The coastal community has undergone an amazing renaissance, but Ventura has not lost its laidback feel. Downtown Ventura is a haven for independent, unique boutiques.  Even the antique and second-hand stores feel creative and fun, with shelves full of gumball machines and Wizard of Oz clocks. California State University Channel Islands set up an art gallery in a brick building that was once the office of Erle Stanley Gardner, a lawyer who wrote fiction in his spare time.

Stick around after the sun sets. Ventura really comes to life after dark, with music streaming out of tapas bars, bistros, cantinas and lounges. A slew of excellent restaurants have opened in the past few years – rivalling the best in LA, but with Ventura-low prices and Ventura-generous portions.”

Envision yourself in a well-rounded business community where quality of life is the way of life. Ventura offers:

A Smart Location

Ideally located along Southern California’s high-tech corridor, Ventura is home to major corporations like Lost Arrow/Patagonia and dozens of smaller but progressive entrepreneurial companies in the high-technology industries. Easy access to Los Angeles, the nearby deep-water port of Port Hueneme, a well-educated workforce and excellent public services make Ventura a terrific choice for business.

A Technological Future

The City of Ventura is accelerating its effort to capture a major share of the technology-driven economy. In doing so, the City is updating its Comprehensive Plan to establish economic goals and policies to attract emerging industries like biotechnology, computer software, and business service sectors. The City is also developing a specific plan for Ventura’s segment along Highway 101. Touted as Southern California’s “high-tech corridor” by Newsweek Magazine, the Highway 101 specific planning process will identify appropriate development sites for light manufacturing and research and development opportunities.

Competitively Priced Commercial and Industrial Space

Ventura’s commercial and industrial space is competitively priced. Home to over 10 million square feet of commercial and industrial space, commercial lease rates are generally $1.35 – $2.50 per square foot; industrial lease rates at $0.69 – $0.85 per square foot.

The International Link

The Port of Hueneme is located a few miles south of Ventura. Serving as the only deep-water port between Los Angeles and San Francisco, the Port is currently an official U.S. Department of Commerce Foreign Trade Zone. This status enables firms to defer payment of customs duties until their products exit the Port. With unsurpassed efficiency and quality, the Port of Hueneme is the clear business choice for timeliness.

A Quality Workforce

Ventura offers a highly skilled and trainable workforce. In fact, over 85% of our residents above age 25 have a high school diploma with 38% holding college degrees. Ventura is also home to a variety of higher-education institutions including Ventura College and extension campuses for the University of California, Santa Barbara, and California State University, Northridge. Other higher educational opportunities include California State University Channel Islands, California Lutheran University and various vocational and career centers.

A Quality Lifestyle

Ventura is more than a beachfront community with great weather. It is a community rich with cultural history, ample recreational opportunities, and top-notch health care facilities. Another boon to our high quality of life includes an award winning educational system, consistent ranking as one of the safest city in the United States, and the distinction of being one of America’s most livable communities.

Various Travel Modes

Ventura businesses and residents enjoy a variety of transportation opportunities. This includes bus service from South Coast Area Transit, rail service by Metrolink and Amtrak, and airport access to the Los Angeles World Airports and municipal airports in nearby Santa Barbara, Camarillo, Oxnard and Santa Paula. The Port of Hueneme offers commercial shipping services and Ventura Harbor provides pleasure boating passage.

A Strong Consumer Base

From a numbers perspective, there are approximately 105,000 Venturans with a median household income of over $58,000. Demographics within a 10-mile radius of Ventura provide an additional 232,420 consumers with a median household income of $54,552. This offers a significant level of consumers and discretionary income just waiting for your business.

Demographic Profile

  • Population: 106,744
  • Number of Households: 40,187
  • Average Household Size: 2.56
  • Median Household Income: $58,114
  • Median Age: 38.0
  • Per Capita Income: $27,949

Source: City of Ventura, UCSB Economic Forecast Project, Volume 13, February 2006
Note: All figures are forecasted.

Economic Profile

Following is an economic profile for the City of Ventura. It details the City’s gross product, taxable sales receipts, and industrial structure. Gross product is defined as Ventura’s total output of goods and services; industrial structure data categorizes gross product by sector.

Major Employers

The City of Ventura is home to a diverse economy of major corporations, small businesses and government agencies. Many of our employers are leaders in their respective industries such as medical equipment, electronic discovery, and fashion apparel.

Labor Force

Comprised of over 82,000 people, Ventura’s labor force is educated, skilled and readily available for employers who need professional, sales and clerical staff. Our workforce also includes a significant number of skilled and semi-skilled technicians and tradespeople.


Logistically speaking, there is no better business community than Ventura. Ventura is located in western Ventura County, just 60 miles north of Los Angeles. This close proximity makes it perfect for companies that need easy access to a large city and the Los Angeles World Airports.

Ventura’s major freeways provide a direct link with the region’s workforce. US-101, which runs through Ventura, provides a direct link to Los Angeles and Santa Barbara. SR-126 also provides access from the Santa Clarita and Heritage Valley communities of Valencia, Fillmore and Santa Paula.

The Port of Hueneme, the only deep-water port between Los Angeles and San Francisco, is minutes away, making Ventura a great location for business involved in domestic and international trade. Because of its status as a Port of Entry and Foreign Trade Zone, more than 1,149.5 thousand tons of cargo (valued over $4 billion) was serviced during FY 2002-03.

Mileage From Ventura to:
Burbank International Airport – 62 miles
Los Angeles Civic Center – 68 miles
Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) – 69 miles
Port of Hueneme – 13 miles
Orange County – 97 miles
Santa Barbara – 28 miles

Quality of Life:Why Ventura?

Ventura is an ideal destination for you for so many reasons, but here’s a big three.

Because it’s Beautiful..

Recently named one of the most livable communities in America, Ventura is a classic Southern California beach town of 105,000. Founded as one of nine original California missions, Ventura has miles of uncrowded beaches and bikeways, a commercial harbor that gateways to the Channel Islands National Park, and a thriving downtown cultural district.

Because It’s Entrepreneurial…

From an oil and farming past, Ventura is evolving as a leader in the “smart growth” movement. With superior infrastructure, major airports and a deep-water port close by, Ventura is ideally located for businesses involved in domestic and international trade. Our Community Development Department offerincentives to find or build competitively priced commercial and industrial sites and facilities.

Because It’s Creative & Exciting…

Distinguished schools and area universities have ensured Ventura a culturally rich and highly educated population that provides a skilled and trainable workforce and offers a perfect market for upscale retailers, high technology and entertainment. Ventura has become one of California’s new art cities with its rapidly evolving cultural scene. Ventura’s civic and business leaders have embarked on an ambitious partnership to ensure that Ventura retains its premiere position as an exciting and vital place to work, raise a family, and enjoy life.


Ventura is ideally located along Southern California’s coast, just north of Los Angeles and south of Santa Barbara. Major highways, public transit and international airports allow quick travel for business and its employees.


Airline travel is in close proximity to the Los Angeles World Airports (e.g. Los Angeles, Ontario, Van Nuys and Palmdale) and the Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport. The Santa Barbara Airport is also nearby, providing direct access to international hubs including the Los Angeles and San Francisco International Airports.

For private aircraft, the Camarillo, Oxnard and Santa Paula Airports provide several opportunities for aircraft charters and rentals, maintenance, and flight facilities and training.


The following highways serve Ventura:

  • Interstate 101 (US-101): US-101 traverses Ventura, linking our business community north to Santa Barbara and San Francisco and south to Los Angeles and San Diego.
  • State Route 33 (SR-33): SR-33 provides northbound access to the City of Ojai; the route terminates southbound at Ventura’s segment of US-101.
  • State Route 126 (SR-126): Although westbound SR-126 comes to an end in Ventura, its eastbound direction provides direct access to the nearby communities of Santa Paula and Fillmore. The route also links Ventura to Interstate 5 (I-5), gateway to the Central California communities of Bakersfield, Stockton and Sacramento.

Heavy Rail

The Union Pacific rail line connects Ventura to national rail destinations and gateway points to Mexico and Canada.


Ventura is minutes away from the Port of Hueneme. The Port is the only deep-water harbor between Los Angeles and San Francisco. It ranks among the top seaports in California for general cargo throughput and is the U.S. Port of Entry for California’s central coast region.

Public Transit

Ventura has an excellent public transit system. The reach of transit opportunities makes traveling to and within Ventura a quick and affordable option for business and its employees..


  • South Coast Area Transit (SCAT): SCAT operates 15 regular bus routes and a senior/disabled paratransit system. Most routes run daily and serve the cities of Ojai, Oxnard, Port Hueneme, Ventura, and the county area between them.
  • Ventura Intercity Transit Authority (VISTA): VISTA operates 7 regular bus routes and 2 general public dial-a-ride services.
  • Greyhound: Greyhound serves more than 2,600 destinations nationwide, including Ventura. Greyhound’s Ventura station is located at 291 E. Thompson Blvd.

Light Rail

  • Amtrak: Amtrak provides national and regional rail service to Ventura at the train platform located on Harbor Boulevard, just north of Seaside Park.
  • Metrolink: Metrolink is a premier regional rail system that links communities to the employment and activity centers of the greater Los Angeles area. Current service is provided via the Montalvo Station located at 6175 Ventura Blvd.

Ventura Financial Statistics

Median household income
(per year)
Income change over time
(increase since 1990)
Sales tax 7.25%
State income tax rate
(highest bracket)
State income tax rate
(lowest bracket)
Auto insurance premiums
(average for the state)

Ventura Education

Colleges, universities and professional schools
(within 30 miles)
Junior colleges and technical institutes
(within 30 miles)

Ventura Quality of Life

Personal crime risk
(100 is national average, lower is better)
Property crime risk
(100 is national average, lower is better)

Ventura People

(town and surrounding area)
Population change over time
(increase since 1990)
Median age 36

Ventura Leisure & Culture

Movie theaters
(within 15 miles)
(within 15 miles)
(within 15 miles)
Public golf courses
(within 30 miles)
(within 15 miles)
(MAA accredited; within 30 miles)

Ventura Weather

Annual precipitation
High temp in July
(degrees F)
Low temp in Jan
(degrees F)
Heating days 2,710
Cooling days 1,255