Gordon Research is coming to Town

It’s that time of year again…Gordon Research Conference is returning!  Annie from the Ventura Visitors and Convention Bureau is working on setting up tour excursions for the attendees, providing Ventura information, and communicating with the organizers.

  • This year’s GRC is in Ventura from January 6-March 22.
  • This is the largest conference of the year, bringing in over 4,800 attendees spread out over almost 3 months.
  • There will be 400 new attendees each week.
  • The attendees are top scientists from all over the world (about half of the attendees are international).
  • Gordon Research Conference has been coming to Ventura and staying in local hotels for over 15 years…let’s give them a big Downtown welcome so they will continue to return.

Please print the ‘Welcome GRC Attendees’ sign and place in your window. This informs the GRC Attendees that we are aware of their presence and that we welcome them to Ventura. You can you this site sodapdf.com/sign-pdf/ to replace the background of your pages with the Background function.

This year, the Visitors & Convention Bureau has purchased the Ventura Axxess Card for all GRC attendees.  The Axxess Card offers a convenient and streamlined way for the attendees to receive their discounts.

A Monday-Thursday continuous shuttle service for the GRC attendees has been coordinated.  One of the 3 stops will bring them into Downtown.