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Day of Authors at Bank of Books

January 18, 2014 @ 11:00 am - 5:00 pm

11-1 Karen Fisher Moonrider

1-3 Paul Samuelson Night Fear

3-5 A.P. Shannon Regent’s Redemption from her Innisfaille Saga


Author Bios and book synopsis

Karen Fisher has been writing stories since she was six years old. Her fascination with supernatural and spiritual themes and love of Native American culture inspired her to write this story. Moonrider is her first novel. She lives in Camarillo, California.


Moonrider- Mac McNicol is passing through a small mining town in 1866 Colorado when he is attacked by a vampire and forced to join a gang of outlaw vampires hidden in the Rocky Mountains. Over the next two centuries he must draw upon all his courage and the strength of his Cherokee heritage to fight for his freedom from the cruel Master Vampire and from vampire hunters, and to protect the woman he loves.


Paul Samuelson grew up in Ventura, California, the setting of his mystery novel. After attending UC Berkeley, he served in the 82nd Airborne Division as a news writer. Since working in the L.A. film industry for several years, he’s been a freelance editor. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife and two dogs. Night Fear is a mystery set primarily in Ventura.


Night Fear – 1947–Two years after the war, ex-paratrooper Mig Czerniak is wracked with “battle fatigue.” He has nothing much to live for when he learns that Eddie Fulham, the army medic who saved his life in Germany, was a hit-and-run victim. Mig knows a secret about Eddie that convinces him it was murder. Now having a purpose, Mig will find out who killed Eddie and why.

Relentless, he’ll track down Eddie’s killer.

You’re never as alone as you think…

Kittu Hugal, the last great battle, has long since passed…and the world slept…until now… The old races are once again on the move, vying for control of that ancient land while humans finally begin to see all that they have lost.

John, the first true explorer in Innisfaille in generations, never thought he was an explorer; and was quite certain he was no hero. But everything changed the day he took a chance, the day he followed his heart instead of the demands and complaints of the village and all of the people who never really saw him anyway. Joined by the enigmatic elf Arandor, and his first true friend, Yotam, John struggles to find his way in this land as it awakens and shakes off the trappings of religion for faith…power for loyalty…and whispers for truth.

Regent’s Redemption – the Saga begins…

Follow the peoples of Innisfaille on their search for freedom, and themselves!

About the Author

As a child in eastern Kentucky’s rural Appalachia, A.R. Shannon would spend her days running and playing with her brother in the forests. Spending their entire youth at the feet of storytellers both children fell in love with their strong oral history tradition and she began to tell him ‘bear tales’ about practically every tree and creek. She never thought it strange until attending a writer’s workshop as a teenager – there she was told a secret. The speaker told her small group this, “You are a select group between two worlds. You have the blessing and misfortune of growing up in a place that becomes you, that haunts you, that seeps into your blood and bones…you’re part of the land and it is part of you…and that just doesn’t happen anymore most places. You’re dreamers, so you’ll spend your whole youth trying to get out…and you’ll spend your entire adulthood just trying to get back…”

She now splits her time between eastern Kentucky and southern California with her husband and children, but has never forgotten that.

The Innisfaille Saga was born when one day her children came to her and asked for a story.