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Information Contact:  Rod Dingman, Ventura City Firefighters Association Vice-President


For the fourth year in a row the Ventura City Fire Department will again join forces with Firefighters across the country to help promote Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Ventura City Firefighters will wear Pink Embossed T-shirts from Oct. 1st to Oct. 15th in support of this cause.

The Ventura City Fire Department, and the Ventura Fire Foundation, will again be partnering with the Downtown Ventura Organization in promoting and distributing Ventura City Fire Department Pink Embossed T-Shirts to raise money for helping women diagnosed with breast cancer.

Every Fire Apparatus will have a flyer available that lists all downtown businesses where shirts are available to the public. The businesses joining our efforts are as follows:

Red Brick Gallery, 315 E. Main St. 643-6400         

Trufflehounds Fine Chocolates, 607 E. Main St. 648-5870

Fox Fine Jewelry, 210 E. Main St. 652-1800                   

Sea Things, 500 E. Santa Clara St. 648-1954            

Bank of Books, 748 E. Main St. 643-3154                

Beautiful Disaster, 518 E. Main St. 641-2343  

Coastal Skincare, 428 Poli St. 641-2345 

Architexture, 25 S Ventura Ave (805) 641-3900        

WetSand Surf Shop, 446 E Main St. (800) 750-7501

Very Ventura, 79 S. California St. (805) 628-3540

Abednego Book Shoppe, 2682 E Main St. (805) 643-9350

T-Shirts will be available at the above locations for the month of October, as long as supplies last.  T-Shirts are $20 each. Cash or check, checks payable to the Ventura Fire Foundation.

Unfortunately, there will be no shirts available at Fire Stations for sale.

Dedicated proceeds will go to fund the Ribbons of Life Breast Cancer Foundation located in Ventura that specifically serves women and families in Ventura County. This has been a huge success in past years and we are hoping for the same this year. The images included with this press release are not copyrighted and may be used by any media outlet.


Thank You for your Support!



Distilling The Essence of A Town


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Distilling The Essence of A Town: Ventura’s Visual Identity 

Downtown Ventura Partners and Ventura Visitors and Convention Bureau collaborated with The DuPuis Group to refresh the positioning and visual identity of Ventura.

 VENTURA, CALIF. – January 27, 2014 – Downtown Ventura Partners and Ventura Visitors & Convention Bureau collaborated with The DuPuis Group to develop an ownable strategic positioning and visual identity for Ventura. The goal of the campaign was to bring new focus and energy to the town, and inspire a more unified vision.

“Residents are already familiar with what Ventura has to offer,” Marlyss Auster, Executive Director at Ventura Visitors and Convention Bureau, said “but as leaders in the community we wanted to find the best way to showcase its laid-back, yet dynamic spirit”

The collaborative team conducted an audit and surveys to uncover the inherent qualities that Ventura exudes. The perspectives of stakeholders throughout the Ventura community revealed the town’s eclectic culture of human expression and unapologetic character. It also highlighted the importance of local art, music and food trends.

“Once we understood how people felt about Ventura we turned those emotions into something tangible,” Auster said. “Ventura’s visual identity allows everyone to relate to the town from their own unique perspective.”

The visual identity’s organic texture, muted color palette, and crafted typography generate an emotional connection to the town. It is also an ambigram, which means it can be enjoyed right side up or upside down. This symbolizes the complexity of Ventura, and implies that there is more to the town than meets the eye.

“To develop the visual identity we drew on our incredible base of local talent who really know and love this town,” David Armstrong, president of Downtown Ventura Partners board of directors said. “There’s no catchy tag line or wishful thinking about what Ventura should be – just an authentic expression of who we are today.”

Downtown Ventura Partners and the Ventura Visitors and Convention Bureau are making the city’s identity campaign interactive by inviting residents and tourists to participate in its “We Are Ventura” video project. Participants can upload videos that illustrate their unique view of Ventura to the campaign’s YouTube page. The videos will be used to make a Ventura montage. For more information including rules and guidelines visit

The rebrand process concluded in December 2013. Ventura residents and tourists can expect to see the new visual identity being used starting this month.


The Ventura Visitors & Convention Bureau

Ventura Visitors & Convention Bureau works to promote Ventura as a coastal destination that provides contemporary amenities in an historic and cultural setting for the benefit of the community.

Downtown Ventura Partners

Downtown Ventura Partners brings merchants, property owners, residents, developers and city staff together to foster a vibrant commercial and cultural district in Downtown Ventura.

The DuPuis Group

The DuPuis Group is an international design innovation firm that translates business challenges into commercial successes. Their west coast office moved to Ventura in February of 2012.




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Rebecca Chambers