Click here to see the 2018 Work Plan. Click here to see the 2018 Work Plan.

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Downtown Ventura committee meetings are open to the public. We want your input and great ideas! For more information or to get involved, please contact the corresponding chair.

Promotions Committee, Vacant Chair  (MEETS EVERY THIRD TUESDAY at 9:30am at DVP Offices, 420 E. Santa Clara St.)

The Promotion Committee’s main goal is to create a positive image that will rekindle community pride and improve consumer and investor confidence in Downtown. Advertising, retail promotions, special events, and marketing campaigns help sell the image and promise of Downtown to the community and surrounding region. The Promotions Committee communicates Downtown’s unique characteristics, business establishments, and activities to shoppers, investors, potential business and property owners, and visitors.

Restaurant Subcommittee meets every first Wednesday at 9:30am at rotating restaurants.

Finance Subcommittee meet every third Thursday at 10am at Smith-Hobson.