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A therapeutic approach to skincare. “Let’s talk about solutions.”

My practice is built on years of working in the film industry as a makeup artist. Realizing what we see and how our skin feels to the touch is a reflection of what is going on inside. Inner health & beauty is projected to the surface.

My approach to your skin solutions are non-invasive and accumulative. A review of general health status is a key to understanding some of the conditions & symptoms your skin may be experiencing….

A thorough cleansing, detailed examination of your skin, and discussion of the possible solutions. Consultation, education, and understanding the “How & Whys” of what you use on your skin is sometimes half the problem, half the battle, and half the solution towards solving a challenge. Reconditioning skin’s health and appearance can be achieved by combining variations of manipulations, exfoliation, combining technology, chemical peels, and nutritive products to feed & protect the exposed fresh skin.

“Cell Expression,” a new term. Describes the capacity of function. Reflecting what we see.

Cells respond to stimulation & feeding, giving us new regenerated cell growth.

It is always wise to consult the expertise of your physician!

Your active participation is required for success. I look forward to collaborating with you.

Together, we’re a team!